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Serving Australia and New Zealand.

The Company was founded in Australia in 2000 and by 2005 commenced operations in New Zealand. Today Mort Bay have Sales and Marketing offices in Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand. Our 4000 sqm Warehouse is situated at Wetherill Park in Western Sydney.

With respect to our supplier network, Mort Bay Traders have strategic alliances with manufacturers throughout China, with our partner TAO located in Shanghai and our QA and logistics office located in Hong Kong.

We have design and research partnership with Idea Pond based in San Diego USA, developing innovative technologies in lighting and electrical categories. One of these product groups being the MAX range of lifesaving items.

Our business has an established distribution network and formidable supply chain, with the capability to customize logistics to match all needs, including Cross Docking, Direct Container Delivery and Warehouse Reserve Supply.

Our operations also have all of the appropriate technology to service modern warehouses. Finally, we pride ourselves on having the flexibility to accommodate your invoicing requirement.


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