Colourful Moods For Your Home

April 13, 2017by bdanzer0IDUAL

Colourful Moods For Your Home

April 13, 2017 by bdanzer0

The below article has been republished from its original source with permission from blog owner Gabriella Bjersland:

I have always been excited about technology and the way it can literarily change your life. Everything from new phones, new computers or any device that you can pair with you phone and etc, I’ll be the first to start obsessing about it. I’ve been thinking lately about a way to change things around at home, without having to change “too much” – which is why I am so excited to share with you, my experience with the new iDual lighting system which has multiple colour changing effects and delivers a light for each moment throughout the day. This is a new method witch uses a LED lighting system that gives you complete control of the lighting in your home. It is driven by remote witch gives you the control to adjust intensity, white colour, temperature and other colour dynamics at the touch of a button.

We have installed the Jedi Lilac Lamp behind our couch and the Colour changing LED Bulb in the floor lamp behind the couch for the ultimate living room lighting experience.

Check out these different scenarios which are my favourites, but the possibilities are endless and there are so many more awesome colour combinations you can create with this lighting system.

I am super happy about the results and the beautiful ambiance this lighting system creates in my home. I cannot wait to play around a bit more with these iDual products to see what other homely and cozy environments it can create. The best things about this lighting system is that you can move it around and place it wherever you please and that it has a changing colour technology that creates a beautiful and dynamic ambiance to your home – The possibilities are endless…

You can find the whole iDual range at Bunnings. They not only have the iDual Jedi, Lilac and LED portable lamp, but they also stock the iDual Colour Changing LED Bulb which you can find all listed here.

Photos by @gabriellabjersland

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