Each Moment Has Its Light

April 3, 2017by bdanzer0IDUAL

Each Moment Has Its Light

April 3, 2017 by bdanzer0

The below article has been republished from its original source with permission from blog owner Lei Lei Clavey:

The holiday season is upon us. It’s the time to relax at home and enjoy evenings with friends. Use the break to focus on the home and create a space that you love and want to entertain in.

Lighting is essential for creating a beautiful home space. It influences ambience and has the ability to change the feel of a room.

With just a push of a button iDual can transform your home, change the mood and reshape the moment. In collaboration with iDual, here are 5 steps to creating a beautiful home space.

1. Relax
To create a relaxing surrounding, switch on the Relax mode and use the dimmer iDual function. Tidy the space, turn off electronics such as phones and laptops, and find a candle scent you love.

2. Entertaining
Dinner parties of 6 or more call for colourful mood lighting. A quieter affair is more suited to a candlelit glow. Chillout tunes also add to the atmosphere. I’m loving the Easy Afternoon playlist on Spotify.

3. Work Station

When it’s time to work, turn on a white light and tune the brightness up or down as required. I like using the ‘Working Action’ mode when I’m blogging. It creates a productive, well-lit environment. A clutter-free desk and a fresh stovetop coffee also helps.

The 2-in-1 light is perfect for home workspaces as well. It features a calming ‘warm light’ for down time and a ‘neutral light’ for working.



4. The Hygge Movement
I’ve been reading a lot about the hygge movement lately. Hygge, pronounced “hu-geh” is Danish for cozy. Hygge was invented for cold Danish winters but there’s no reason why we can’t hygge in Australia. Hygge is about a good book, great conversation with friends over wine in the glow of candlelight. Sounds excellent to me!

5. Yoga
Throughout December I’ve using the Nike+ Training Club App and practising yoga at home. Yoga is as much about mindset as it is about the poses, so a calm blue or green light helps me to get into the zone.

Whether you want to create a calm, intimate or party atmosphere, need a night light or a wake-up light or wish to create the perfect work environment, iDual lights and lamps can transform your space and reshape every moment.

Find out more about iDual here. Available from Bunnings.

Photos by @leiladyleiblog

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