Mood Lighting with iDual

April 13, 2017by bdanzer0IDUAL

Mood Lighting with iDual

April 13, 2017 by bdanzer0

The below article has been republished from its original source with permission from blog owner Katrina Chambers:

Sometimes you just need a bit of mood lighting in your home! Maybe it’s cold outside, or you need the house to be quiet, or you just want to add a different feel with a change of colour? I always have trouble deciding on the brightness and wattage when I buy a new lamp or need a new globe. It’s been a serious struggle of mine over the years. You too? Well, that’s where this fantastic LED product from iDual comes in! With a simple remote control you can decide on how bright or colourful your room needs to be. Simply plug in, point and play.


Feel like a cool white? Or maybe some lighting for meditation? Or romance?? It’s all here on the remote. My boys have been testing this iDual lamp out. Their favourite is when it changes colour on its own. This simple globe slots in to my already existing lamp. I’ve gone for a cool white in this lamp above. You can also use the remote to dim the lighting if you feel it’s a bit bright.

I’ve been loving a bit of greenery in my office. I’ve dimmed the globe down to the right tone. You also only need 1 remote to do all of the globes/lamps. A single remote recognises an iDual product when pointing at it. This is great so you don’t get confused!

I am absolutely rapt with this new lighting I have throughout my home. I’m off to buy a few more globes too. Check out the iDual range at Bunnings – they have a great collection of bulbs, spotlights and portable lamps for you to choose from. For more info visit the iDual website.

Photos by @katrinas_instagram

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