6-Way Power Board with Individual Switches



6-Way Power Board with Individual Switches


This product has been designed to protect your computer and other electronic equipment from unpredictable power surges. Momentary voltage surges can seriously damage expensive electronic equipment and household appliances.

Internet and Phone Line, surge protection 525J, RFI & EMI protection, indicator light. Surge and Overload Protection for all Computer, Audio Visual and other household appliances. Product is to be used INDOORS ONLY. Product does not offer protection against direct lightning strikes.


  • Surge protection level 525j (joules)
  • Overload and circuit breaker protection
  • RFI and EMI protection stops interference
  • 6 power sockets individual switches
  • 2m extra long power cord
  • Right angle plug
  • Insulated pins
  • Indicator light power on

Technical Specifications

Power Supply Voltage: 240V ~ 50Hz
Measured Current Rate: 10A / 2400W
Surge Protection Level: 525J (Joules)
Surge Current: 4,500A
Overload Protection: Total load connected not to exceed 10 Amps
Response Time: <20 nano second
Clamping Voltage: <275V (at 50A)
Product Dimensions: 330 x 80 x 30mm
Product Code: 14014
Pack Sizing: 400 x 170mm
Inner Carton: 4
Master Carton: 24