Digital Timer – Double Socket



Digital Timer – Double Socket

Indoor Digital Timer-Twin


This 7 day digital timer can be set with up to 24 programs per day.

Each of these can be set to repeat daily, weekly, daily during the working week, daily on weekends and in a variety of other day combinations to maximise flexibility.

This timer has an internal rechargeable battery to keep your settings in the event of a power failure.

When new, or not used for some time, the battery may need recharging before you can setup your timer. Plug the timer in for a few hours or overnight to recharge the battery.

Technical Specs

Double SAA socket with override ON/OFF function.

Input Voltage: 240V ~ 50Hz
Output Voltage: Max 2400W
Rated Power: 10A
Length: 155mm
Total Width: 55mm (side 55.22mm)
Product Code: 11778
Pack Sizing: 231 x 132 x 71mm
Inner Carton: 5
Master Carton: 20