Max Smart Alarm



Max Smart Alarm

Use In All Bedrooms


Wakes everyone, including children and the elderly with enhanced DUAL Alarm frequencies, visual and voice alerts.

Wireless Security
Wireless Security Monitoring 24/7 with remote notification to your Smart Phone or tablet.

Smart Lighting
MAX Smart Light provides Full Spectrum Colour Area Lighting, Night Light, Décor Lighting, Emergency Lighting.

Wellbeing / Comfort
Get a good nights sleep with MAX’s relaxing Nature Sounds.

MAX’s Pet and Elderly Monitoring
Lets family members know when someone needs help.


Explore our Life Saving Features

WiFi Connectivity

  • Remote notification of alerts
  • Remote reset
  • Remote outlet on / off

Smart Lighting
Motion Activated Lighting / 30 Lumen Night Light and Area Light / 100 Lumen Emergency Strobe / On At Dusk and Off At Dawn / Customised Colour and Brightness Settings Full Spectrum Colour Selection / One Touch Color Selection

Audible Alerts and Voice Feedback / 520Hz + 3200Hz Alarm / Audio Monitoring of Smoke Alarm and carbon Monoxide Alarm

Wireless Security
Motion Activated Security / Remote Arm and Disarm / Remote Notification / Modes Home and Away

Wellbeing / Comfort
Sleep Relax, Nature Sounds / Schedule time On and Off / Elderly and Pet Monitoring / Control of Lighting

Smart Technologies
Smart Sensor Technology / Wi-Fi Connectivity / Phone Application IOS and Android

Technical Specifications

Product Code: MAX-NL-MB4a
Pack Sizing: 190.5 x 146 x 70mm
Inner Carton: 5
Master Carton: 60