Motion Sensor LED Night Light Battery Operated



Motion Sensor LED Night Light Battery Operated


This utility light has a built-in motion detector which turns on automatically when it detects movement.

Detects movement up to 6m. It has a faceted diffuser and contains 8 LEDs.

Uses x3 AA batteries. (Not included with this light).

Faceted diffuser. Super Bright Hall Light, Shed Light, Camping Light and Entrance Light.

Design Registered: #323839


  • Transparent Lampshade with Toggle switch – On / Off
  • Motion Sensor. When this mode is initially selected, there is a warm-up period for
    about 60 seconds
  • The unit will only respond to motion at night, or when the unit is in a dark area
  • Delay Time: 3 minutes
  • Continuous on-time: about 48 Hours
  • Number of delay-time cycle: around 360
  • Uses x3 AA Alkaline Batteries (Does not include batteries)

Technical Specifications

Power Supply Voltage: 240V ~ 50Hz
LED Life: 100,000Hrs
LED Bulb: White
Product Code: 0765
Pack Sizing:
169 x 110mm
Inner Carton: 5
Master Carton: 50