Multi-Function Slimline Power Failure Light



Multi-Function Slimline Power Failure Light


Never be without light!

New Technology with Induction Charging.

Power Failure Light – Light automatically turns on during a power failure. Also becomes a Portable Handheld Torch.

Re- chargeable Battery – Torch lasts up to 5 hours.

LED Sensor Night Light Auto On/Off, especially needed when storms break out.

Charging Instructions:

  • One full day (24 hrs) initial charge before use
  • Plug charging base into AC 240V ~ 50Hz Wall Socket
  • Insert night light into base
  • After initial charge, in any mode, night light can remain plugged in and used for any of its 3 functions


Power Failure Mode
Bright LED light automatically turns on during power outages.

Torch Light Mode
During the day and night time, slide the switch to ON or AUTO position. When the power is off or the light is taken out of the holder, the LED torch light will automatically turn on.

Night Light Mode
Plug charging base into wall socket and insert the night light into base, slide switch to ON position, the orange night light will be on. Slide switch to Auto position and light sensor will automatically turn night light on at dusk and off at dawn.

OFF switch
When switch is in OFF position, torch and night light will always be off and will not turn on automatically.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply Voltage: 240V ~ 50Hz
LED Bulb: White
Product Code: 14267
Pack Sizing:
165 x 108mm
Inner Carton: 5
Master Carton: 20