Remote Controller



Remote Controller

Each moment has it's light.

iDual introduces a new LED lighting system and give you complete control of the lighting in your home. Using the iDual remote you can control the intensity and white color temperature dynamically at the touch of a button. The current generation even adds color scenes to the remote, so you can select any mood you like at any time. It’s that simple.
Dimming Function
Tunable Whites
Free Color Pastels
Color Scenes

Choose your Lighting Experience: Any kind of light mood with a simple touch
Cold White
Neutral White
Warm White
Cozy White
Cold White
Night Light


Select your color temperature and light intensity according to the need of your moment

Control everything with one remote

RC2 light controller offers much greater control and convenience with a slim and soft design. The adjustable wide IR range helps you choose all the iDual luminaire at the same time, while the narrower range helps to point control the light. The new slimmer design and soft texture ensures that your controller is as pleasant to the eye and touch, as it is empower you to be in charge of your lighting conditions.


Adjust light intensity smoothly, from your sofa, from your bed

Exclusive Features

Choose either wide IR range to control all the iDual luminaire at one time, or a narrow range to point control the iDual products.

The zero edge 15% slimmer enclosure and the soft textured material makes the remote comfortable to use, time after time.


Transform your home and lift your mood with colorful or relaxing lighting scenarios
Pastel Color
Wake Up

Minimalist Design

No space is wasted on insignificant controls. We have optimized the remote to behave exactly as you want it to