Teardrop LED Photo Sensor Night Light



Teardrop LED Photo Sensor Night Light


Turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically.

LED is a semi-conductor device having the ability to emit visible light when energized. It generates negligible heat and requires very little power to operate. This energy efficient night light is cool to touch and has no bulbs to replace.


  • Long life super bright LED
  • Automatic On/Off
  • No bulb replacement necessary
  • No heat build-up around shade
  • LED 0.5W compared to 7W incandescent bulb is a 85% energy saving

Technical Specifications

Power Supply Voltage: 240V ~ 50Hz
LED Life: 100,000Hrs
LED Bulb: White
Product Code: 0192
Pack Sizing:
169 x 110mm
Inner Carton: 5
Master Carton: 50