Transform Your Home with iDual

April 4, 2017by bdanzer0IDUAL

Transform Your Home with iDual

April 4, 2017 by bdanzer0

The below article has been republished from its original source with permission from blog owner Charnie Reeves:

When I’m home for the night, whether it be to relax, read a book, catch up on work, a movie night with the girls, or a romantic night in with my partner, I always ask myself and those I am entertaining, should I leave the light on or off? Maybe just the lamp? Or is there enough natural light for no light at all? There is no happy medium because its either going to be a bright light above us, or a lamp in the corner which is either too bright, or too soft for the occasion. Well iDual must have heard my prayers and sent over exactly what I have been searching for!

For those who aren’t familiar with iDual, they are:

“a leader in lighting products that transform your home and lift your mood with colorful and relaxing lighting scenarios with a simple remote control. Simply plug in, point and play. “

There are many different options for you to choose from depending on what you are after, whether it is the light bulbs themselves, portable lights and lamps, down lights, and even for outdoors, they have you covered for every lighting need, and the great thing is that one remote controls them all.

The remote control displays many lighting options to play around with, and there is a little bit of guidance with recommended lighting for different occasions. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to always be using the colour modes, you can return to the standard light setting, as well as having the option to dim or brighten.

Each moment has its light, and within these images different modes have been used depending on my social setting.

Allow iDual to transform your home and have the ability to shift between intimate, calm lighting all the way to more vibrant lighting for social gatherings and parties.

I know I know, you want to know where to find more information, simply click here to explore the iDual website, and visit the Bunnings website here (which is where you can purchase these incredible lights).

Photos by @charniereeves

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